Peak Wellness Counseling

Mental health services to guide you toward your ideal self and a life of purpose


Treatment for Mood, Trauma, and Relationships


Anxiety feels like a heavy weight. The chest tightens, heart beats more quickly, and the mind races. Panic is a natural reaction to danger. Stressful situations are considered threats. Learn to manage stress and relax the body. Regain control of worry thoughts and the fear response. Breathe.

Depression is marked by low energy, lack of interest in activities, changes in sleep or appetite, and hopelessness. When severe, it can lead to thoughts about self-harm. Through connection and purpose, it is possible to enjoy a meaningful passionate life.

Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse leaves an imprint on the brain. It feels scary to trust others which may lead to impaired relationships, changes in mood, or difficulties in other areas of life. Please reach out for help. All beings deserve to feel happy and loved.


Take the first step in caring for yourself and your partner. Learn skills to communicate and increase satisfaction within a relationship. It is possible to break through conflict and become united as a team.


Peak Wellness Counseling is in alliance with LGBTQQIAP.


Children under 18 years are welcome here. They will receive support and learn to regulate emotions as they navigate stress and transition to adulthood. The family is a system and work together to find peace.


Peak Wellness Counseling is not an intensive treatment program for substance abuse. However, our team is trained to treat mild forms of addiction or self-destructive habits such as eating issues, gambling, gaming, sexualized behaviors, alcohol, recreational drug use, etc. 



Peak Wellness Counseling offers behavioral health services to treat mind, body, and spirit. Through methods including clinical mental health counseling and life coaching, set intentions to welcome an inspired existence.


A warm accepting environment allows for comfort to pursue self-development with professional guidance. Heal trauma and cope with stress, accelerate personal growth, explore spiritual awakening, and support the bodily experience as you reclaim your personal power.


Social interaction has changed this year, and we want you to have the support you need. Community events like virtual workshops and groups provide a fun interactive element to the process of realization.

Transformation leads to freedom, love, and wisdom. Contact Peak Wellness Counseling to schedule an intake appointment. Counseling services are confidential and protected by HIPAA law.

May all beings be at peace.

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