Peak Wellness Counseling offers private yoga sessions. Sessions are available to individuals in need of somatic healing. Research shows yoga offers benefits of greater empathy, focus, relaxation, and a decrease in symptoms of anxiety and depression. Learn poses, breathing techniques, and receive guided meditation with sound healing to become more physically and mentally flexible.

Private sessions are based on your individual needs. They can range from vinyasa flow, restorative, yin, meditation, and postures to treat health concerns. Yoga nidra (yogic sleep-based meditation) helps treat symptoms of PTSD and bring healing to the heart chakra. Prenatal yoga is available for mothers who desire a specialized session to enhance the connection with child in utero, relieve pregnancy tensions, and relax.


Private yoga instruction is available at $100 per 50 minute session.

All major credit cards and cash are accepted as forms of payment due at the time services are rendered.