Workshops are offered as a one time booster course on various subjects. Events include psychoeducational materials and activities to practice skills. Group setting allows for greater support and feedback.

Group therapy services are offered at $120 per 50-55 minute session.

Self Love

Curriculum reviews values clarification assessment, healthy boundary setting, mindfulness exercises to be more present in your life, goal setting, creation of personal vision board, and self-care activity recommendations.

Anger Management

Identify triggers of anger. Learn about physiological responses and why they are important. Self-soothing techniques and communication skills will be introduced. Expression of anger in a healthy manner will be discussed.

Grief Recovery

Kubler-Ross stages of grief will be reviewed. Support group will share about loss(es). Ways to honor loss will be discussed. Learn how to participate in life again while maintaining your spiritual connection to loved ones no longer present.

Children in Change

Parents' divorce? Being bullied? Starting high school? These are stressful changes for children and can lead to emotional suffering or behavioral disruption if unprocessed. Children learn coping and stress-reduction skills to gain mastery of adjustment to change. Includes grounding techniques to help your child feel safe and nurtured.

Master Mood and Mind

Dialectical behavioral therapy skills designed to stabilize mood and treat diagnoses: depression, anxiety, bipolar, and borderline. Modules include mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. Take control of your emotions.

Art Therapy

Processing through artistic expression will help you release emotional blockages. Write a narrative to address the issues you are struggling with or to address a person with whom you have conflict. Utilize your creativity to design a work of art. Enrich your artistic journey with a cathartic sound healing session.