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Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Creativity is an important aspect of existence. The more you explore your emotions and thoughts through artistic expression, the deeper connection you will have to yourself and others. Unfortunately, creation is highly overlooked during the daily grind. When you come home from a long day of working to a household requiring dinner be made and chores be done, last thing you think about is picking up a paintbrush. Why is it so important to use your imagination and practice the art of creation?

Improves Mood

Research explains that the act of creating helps to distract from disappointing episodes. Life will hand you situations outside of your control which may lead you to have a negative response. During those times, it is possible to cope utilizing art and to find solace in the process. It becomes a meditative activity. People who engage in artistic activities, reported feeling happier than others. Those who scored high in the personality trait, openness to experience, were more likely to spend time creating.

Keeps the Mind Active

Rumination is the act of repetitive deep thought about a subject matter. Brooding was related to depression whereas self-reflective pondering was related to creativity. We become more self-aware when we have the ability to explore our deep thoughts in a constructive manner. There are many ways to process your experiences. Gaining access to your creative side opens a variety of ways to heal and move forward. It is a proactive approach as opposed to remaining in a negative thought cycle.

Express Emotions

When you suppress a feeling, you hold onto the emotion and it becomes self-destructive. It may stifle other areas of your life and relationships. Eventually, an explosion of emotion will overwhelm you and may lead to impulsive behavior. Creative arts help people connect with their inner emotional experience and empathize with others. Indulge in a range of feelings and express them in healthy way. Art is beautiful and captivates others, because there is depth and a quality of vulnerability in expression. Art originates directly from the soul.

Try These Activities:

  • Write in a journal

  • Color or draw

  • Play music

  • Sing

  • Dance

Construct a life of beauty and meaning. Try not to judge the product of what you create. The beauty is in the process. Although you may have a laundry list of everyday tasks, make sure to place your happiness on the list and explore your creative side. Prioritize at least 15 minutes a day of creative activity to improve your mood and make this coping skill a habit. Be mindful as you create to recognize what is occurring emotionally and where that feeling lies within the body. Release the tension or trauma through your art. Then, recognize the difference when the tension lifts. If there is emotional residue, take time to think about what may be influencing your response. Accept this process as a temporary part of your larger life journey. Enjoy creating!

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