Psychologist Session

Counseling Services

One on one attentive listening and therapeutic techniques tailored to your personal needs



Unbiased clinical intervention for you and your significant other to develop new skills, manage conflicts, and grow together 

Assistance creating positive change within the natural system to benefit every member of your family unit



Specialized therapeutic methods to engage your child or adolescent in emotional and behavioral progress


Peak Wellness Counseling is a professional behavioral health practice with additional wellness support services. Private pay rates are listed.


Individual, couples, or family therapy services are offered at $200 per 50-55 minute session. Counseling sessions are typically scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.


Initial intake appointments are completed before therapy begins to gather information about presenting issues and history of mental health. Assessments are completed annually for adults and every six months for children to evaluate, diagnose, and plan for treatment. Assessments are $250 per 50-55 minute appointment.


Peak Wellness Counseling does not provide disability determination, custody studies, or handle court issues. Any legal administrative tasks (i.e. court appearances or clinical documentation of therapeutic recommendations) requested of your mental health provider will be paid at a rate of $150 per 15 minutes.


Please contact Peak Wellness Counseling to check if your insurance plan is accepted. Medicare/Medicaid plans are not accepted.

All major debit, credit, HSA, FSA cards, checks, and cash are accepted as forms of payment due at the time services are rendered.


If we do not accept your insurance plan, check if you receive Out of Network benefits from your insurance coverage. Upon request, a “superbill” of services will be provided which you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement consideration.

In order to make an informed decision about using your insurance to pay for therapy services, it is important that you know the following information:

  • Your insurance company will require a mental health diagnosis, which will become permanent on your medical records. This not only compromises your privacy and confidentiality, it may affect your future eligibility and cost if you wish to make a change in your insurance.

  • Your insurance company will allow a limited number of sessions for you, usually 6–12. This may or may not be a sufficient amount of sessions depending on your goals.